Crunk Witch

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Out from the icy air and winds, through frozen tundra, Crunk Witch emerges from the wintery clouds of Presque Isle Maine. Banded together in mid 2009, Crunk Witch is an award winning electro-rock duo consisting of noted electronica producer Brandon Miles and Flawed Design entrepreneur Hannah Colleen. Their sold out e.p., The Battle Beyond, has gained them national attention and endorsements by Peta2, SustainabiliTee, and The Nobody Cares Show, where they received the award for “Best Group”. Touring in the underground scene for the better part of a year, the team has garnered respect for their lovey-dovey demeanor and aggressive high end electro sound that music blog Boom Boom Chik describes as: “Hard Electro-Rock with enough pop to go around (…..) Blending heavy drums, freaky synthesizers and vocals that dance a fine line between coarse wailing and soulful seduction (…..) If you were to take Thursday, Head Automatica, My Chemical Romance, and raise it to the electro level you will have the perfect description of what Crunk Witch has to offer." For more information on Crunk Witch visit:MYSPACE: