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By tool200069@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Dark. Noise. People. Lots of people. No space to move. Music. All the things that make up an EDGAR show. The room is cowrded, all the fans crammed together in a small space. But they don't seem to notice. Their just waiting for the show to start, when the five guys will take the stage and play. The shows are always full of energy, lots of energy, from the band, but also from the fans. even when they play with other bands, everyone knows that EDGAR will get the largest crowd around the stage. Something draws them there, right up next the speakers, right in front of the band. When the music starts, everyone forgets about everything else, nothing matters but the band and the music. The singer, Jordan Hakkinen, at only 16 has got to be one of the most talented young singers to hit the music scene. Brandon Eckert, also 16, is most known for his ability to go totally ape shit on stage, and still play his bass to perfection, never missing a note. A drummer since highschool, Jason Gabrenas, 19, has only improved his talent since joining EDGAR last year. Nick Vatour, 17, one of the guitar players, plays with the quiet assurance that he knows what hes doing and no one can stop him. Corey Eckert, also 17, is the lead guitar player. EDGAR has advanced since the first time I saw them, back then they played mostly cover songs, but know their at the point where almost every song they play is an original EDGAR hit. "Screwed", the first song on their demo tape, is a strong song written about fucked up people who can't see past their own egos to see how messed up they are. Wheneverthey play Screwed, the place turns into a camp fire sing along, everyone knows the words and sings in perfect time with Jordan. "Prick", also on the demo, is about those people who invade your head and you just can't get rid of them, no matter

By OxideMatt@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Hey Edgar Is a great band and one of the heaviest bands I've heard. And what the person above said about an Edgar show is true. Packed. That's all I have to say. Great band.

By donbixtler@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Dark. Stinky. Full of smoke. Thew eighteen year olds, full of the poetry of Sylvia Plath and the edgy, terse performance of Edgar and Marilyn Manson, make me throw the hell up and wonder if I was so silly and arty when I was younger.

By Maplestar43@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Edgar kicks. All i have to say is that they are a bunch of boys that just like to go wild and have a good time. There music and there shows are always great