JD and The Wrecking Crew

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-----JD and the Wrecking Crew are a 4 piece funk infused rock and blues dance band based out of the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. We specialize in rock, blues and funk tunes from the 60's to the present. We play and you dance to songs by Cold Play, Kings Of Leon, Eric Clapton, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Mellencamp, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Puddle Of Mudd, Talking Heads, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash, and even some originals!!!!! -----JD and the Wrecking Crew "Rip Up The Music For You" with 4 veteran regional musicians with years of performance experience. Jeremy "JD" Sheehan "rips it up" on Drums, Percussion, and Vocals. JD has played in numerous Boston rock bands, including rootsy pop rockers "Smoking Cow", hard rockers "Public Alley" and "Barnstorm", and the seminal Boston 80..s & 90..s garage punk rock band "The Drysdales". JD also teaches 30 - 35 students weekly at his own JD Drum Studio which he founded in 1993 in Stoughton MA. Mark "The Shark" Lenkei "rips it up" on Guitar and Vocals. A native of Buffalo, NY, The Shark has also played in many regional bands and currently has 2 solo CDs, both of which are available for online purchase through Jeff Alexander "rips it up" on Bass and Vocals. Jeff has spent over a decade in the LA music scene in such bands as Painting with Hammers and The Jeff Alexander Project and an additional 5 years doing session work in and around greater New York and New Jersey. Jeff has performed with many Boston area bands including The Smoking Creebars, Night Train, Box of Cigars and Executive Decision. And rounding out the crew is Rich Hirsch on Keys and Harp. Rich is a veteran of the regional music scene, most recently lending his talents to The Deep Water Blues Band among others. Together these 4 veterans of the music scene "Rip Up The Music For You" as JD and the Wrecking Crew!!