The Freeze Pops

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5.0 out of 5 from 27 reviews.
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By hamr316@***** more than 12 weeks ago

These guys are great! The 80's covers of Bon Jovi are classic and some of the other songs like I havent' heard before! You guys are totally different from what is going on around here.. thanks for the fun.

By TheFreezePops@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Check out our website at life and act stupid!, life is too short.

By kimika3@***** more than 12 weeks ago

I am a big fan. My friends and I see these guys every other thursday at the Irish Immigrant and always have a great time. Thier rap medley always gets the crowd dancing

By Suin@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Great sound! Great energy! Cute lead singer!

By thislilpiggy@***** more than 12 weeks ago

These guys are great. So much fun to see, and they always put on an excellent show. You've got to check them out!!!!

By Sandnstars@***** more than 12 weeks ago

When I hear these guys are playing, I definitely want to be there. The cover they do on all the rap songs is so funny. I can hear it so many times and still love it. You've got to go see them to see what I mean.

By coreyeric1@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Four great guys that enjoy what they do and it shows. Never a dull moment at the Freeze Pops shows. They have a large mixed following that I enjoy. Catch ya all at the next Freeze Pops show.

By SMastria@***** more than 12 weeks ago

What a GREAT BAND!!! They really know how to get the crowd dancing! And oooooooohhh! Can that drummer sing! What a group! Budweiser and The Freeze Pops! A GREAT NIGHT OUT!!

By cotsignshop@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Four Great guys that really enjoy what they do and it shows. They attract a great croud and there is never a shortage of great looking girls!!! There is never a dull moment when you attend The Freeze Pops Show............They truely are New Englands Favorite Party Band.....

By Tom2Loud@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Once you see these guys, you'll never want to see any other cover band ever again!!!!! There is no comparing, they are that good!...and that much fun!!!! No set lists, no tributes, no egos.......JUST THE FREEZE POPS!!!!!

By skwerlnuts@***** more than 12 weeks ago

these guys are incredible. i love the fact they involve the crowd and play what we want to hear. and the dj they got rocks too.the complete package. band and a dj. what more could you ask for

By robbiec81@***** more than 12 weeks ago

These Guys are F@cking awesome no doubt about it this band is the best local band in southeastern mass maybe the best in mass,go see THE FREEZE POPS if you want to have a good time get drunk and puke...........

By random_thoughts@***** more than 12 weeks ago

These guys are unbelievable. Everyone has a good time. Their energy is out of control.

By hamronpro@***** more than 12 weeks ago

I love these guys and you will too.....check check them out and you'll see... party on, rock on, .... the guitar player is hot!.....bald is beautiful, fat is all that and the guy behind the drums does not get enough credit.. clearly one of the best drummers on the east coast. Plus, the bass player is best ping pong player I have ever seen!

By hamronpro@***** more than 12 weeks ago

Dude, wicked licks! Dynamic Delorme rules and kicks butt on the Wicked Game cover.

By camorrisey@***** more than 12 weeks ago

I have seen many cover bands in this area and none compare to The Freeze Pops! They have great range and have so much fun when they play - they get the crowd into each and every show and have excellent energy and chemistry with one another. If you haven't seen them play you are missing out. Go see THE FREEZE POPS!!!!

By Barbeegirl0813@***** more than 12 weeks ago

WHAT A BAND!!!!! They are just awsum and keep the crowd rocking. They put all their heart and soul into their music and I can't say enough about them. The Bon Jovi music is just sensational and the bass guitarist sings his heart out - sounds just live Jon himself along with that cute lead singer and the rest of the HARD WORKING BOYs. If you want a great night out with lots of rocking music and lots of fun and dancing, check them out, they are my #1 band!!!!!!! Love you guys

By fore28@***** more than 12 weeks ago

What a great band with four unbelievably hot guys!!!! They play great and have fun getting the crowd into their shows. Go see them play - you will not be disappointed!

By mgetchell@***** more than 12 weeks ago

These guys rock!!! They should be backing up Bon Jovi on this year's tour they are that good. Problem is they would probably rip off a cover of Dead or Alive and embarrass the boys from New Jersey. The only complaint I have is that I requested "Freebird" by my all time favorite band, Lynard Skynard" and they told me NO.

By mnfaria@***** more than 12 weeks ago

When I went out, it was usually to a club to dance to a dj. That is, until my cousin Samantha turned me onto "The Freeze Pops". They are so much better than any DJ. They are like the boys next door and so much fun. They know how to get the crowd going and can even satisfy my eclectic music taste. It's hard to get me off the dance floor. Now anytime I go out it's to see them perform. You have to make it out to see "The Freeze Pops", they are so worth it! Love you guys, Nancy

By esilvia@***** more than 12 weeks ago

This is a definite gotta see band. If you like a wide range of music, this is the band for you. These guys can flat out play and have a hell of a time doing it. Their energy will definitely keep the crowd rockin all night.